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We are a leading company that provides professional services in the following areas:

We are members of the Association for Project Safety and we have been involved in a wide range of construction projects including:

> new schools

new datacentres

> office blocks

> sewage treatment works

> new power stations

> harbour redevelopments

> new reservoirs

> housing schemes

> new road infrastructure.


We deliver Health and Safety Training and offer:

> IOSH accredited modules and

> Short courses on a full range of Health and Safety topics. 


We carry out Asbestos Surveys on domestic, industrial and commercial premises and manage the removal of asbestos from buildings.


We carry out Fire Risk Assessments and fire safety audits to assist our clients in the professional management of fire safety within buildings.


We provide a Health and Safety Annual Support Service giving Clients access to professional advice all year round.


We develop and issue non-jurisdictional Health and Safety Documentation worldwide tailored to our Client’s needs.


We act as Expert Witnesses in relation to legal cases and provide expert reports and opinion.


We also offer Project Management services to ensure schemes are delivered on time and within budget.


For further details of our professional services please contact us or explore our website.

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