Asbestos Services

Owners and managers of buildings must ensure that premises are safe and without risks to health. As such, any asbestos containing material that may be present within their buildings must be located, identified, assessed and managed. 

This generally requires buildings to be formally surveyed so that an Asbestos Register can be developed.

There are two types of survey that we undertake:

Management Surveys are undertaken to ensure that asbestos is located and labelled so that the material cannot be inadvertently disturbed by tradesmen or occupiers of the building.

Pre-Demolition or Pre-Refurbishment Surveys are undertaken so that asbestos can be identified and removed prior to such works.

Our Surveyors are fully qualified to the standards laid down by the British Occupation Hygiene Society (BOHS).  Following survey work on-site we issue a professional report that details our conclusions and recommendations.

Should you suspect your premises contains asbestos materials then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a professional survey.

Asbestos Management

Sometimes asbestos material is in a poor condition, or in such a position that it needs to be removed.

Our asbestos management service ensures that such works are undertaken safely and in a controlled manner.  On completion of works, the Client is issued with air clearance certificates from a UKAS Accredited Laboratory to ensure that the area is clear of asbestos materials.


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